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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marking a Milestone

Today, I celebrate my mother. Fifty years ago she delivered me into the world almost by herself. She didn't really have a choice in the matter because I decided to be born while the doctor was in the hallway talking to my dad. As the nurse entered the room and saw my early arrival, she screamed for my mother to wait for the doctor. But really, what woman can wait when Baby says the time is now? It was probably the only time in my life when I was early for anything.

Refrigerator Art

I have adored this woman my whole life. Even when I was small and throwing a toddler tantrum, I drew a picture of my mother as the devil, but she was a happy, smiling devil. I couldn't really be mad at her.
Baby Lori

We stayed close through all my growing up years. She may remember otherwise, but I recollect very few teenage fights. Yes, I was pouty, but I remember having the feeling that she was always right and looking out for my own good.

New York 2008

In all of my adult life, we only lived in the same state for a few months way back in 1984. We have stayed close through phone calls and cross-country visits. I cherish our conversations about books and literature, raising kids, things we worry about, and moments of pride. I know that if we ever have the opportunity to live in the same vicinity, we would be the closest of friends. How lucky I am to have this woman in my life! Thanks for my birthday, Mom!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine

My Valentine - 1982

My other Valentines:



Love is in the air:

Don and Mignon Young
(aka Mom and Dad)

Bill and Nadene Stone & family
(That's little Scott on his daddy's lap)

Alison and Brandon

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Man Band

Eric's instrument of choice is the trombone.  He's been playing since fifth grade.  When he played in the high school's marching band this fall however, he switched to baritone since his school doesn't use trombones in that band.  He had to learn fingering for the valves instead of slide placement.  He loved the experience and did a great job 

So why is he playing a tuba at the top of this post?  Apparently the school's freshman band is a little short in the tuba section, so his director said he wanted a trombonist to switch over.  Eric said he'd be willing to try and the director was thrilled.  It would be just through the end of the year, though.  He'll be in the symphonic band next year, so he'll be reunited with his trombone then.  I mean you can't give up your true love, right?   

Snow Day

Looks like about 12 inches so far and it's still coming down.
The faithful shoveling crew has been at it all day. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rock Star

Here's Neil snowboarding down a very low-grade slope in our backyard.  His doctor said he had to wait until next year to enjoy his favorite sport, but we figured this wouldn't hurt.  His balance was pretty good!  I'm sure it will be like riding a bicycle next year when he goes back to the big slopes.

So who is the rock star, you may ask?  This man right here.  And this is the same guy.  So I'm not kidding when I say rock star.  But seriously, we became fans back when he saved Neil's life by cutting his head open and removing part of his skull last January.  

We got to meet with him again last week and I think he was just about as excited to see Neil as we were to see him.  Dr. Danish told us that at the time, Neil's procedure was not commonly done at a lot of hospitals in New Jersey.  (I guess maybe it still isn't.)  I don't believe it would have been done at RWJ Hospital if Dr. Danish hadn't been there to do it that particular day.  All evidence seems to indicate that Neil would not have survived without the surgery, but I guess most doctors felt that any injury severe enough to require it would be one to leave the patient in a permanent vegetative state if they did live.  Dr. Danish felt otherwise, and we're so glad he did.  He asked Neil if he'd like to be an advocate for other trauma patients when he's ready, and Neil was glad to oblige.  

Disclaimer:  To other medical staff at RWJ who may have a different perspective of what transpired that day, or may disagree with my interpretation of what Dr. Danish told us, I'm sorry.  This post is just that:  my interpretation.  Neil was given wonderful care by multiple doctors.  We never felt that he wasn't getting the best help possible.  It's just that that surgery was a turning point in Neil's recuperation and we attribute it to the man that made the call that day.
I probably should have gotten his autograph.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holed Up

Ways to entertain yourself on those cold winter days:

Take a nap with your best buddy

Play some basketball indoors!

Enjoy the view from your window