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Monday, November 14, 2011

Aftermath of a Storm

Let's say your son insisted he needed 16 female betta fish for a science project, what would you do with them when said project was over?

I borrowed this picture from the internet.

Before he even acquired the fish, I made mine promise that he would treat them humanely and find them good homes when he was done with them. Trouble was, not a lot of people are looking to adopt female bettas. Eric was finally able to get rid of  give away some of them, but we were left tending way too many. As they started to mature, they got aggressive and ugly. Bullies picked on the smaller ones by nibbling on their fins and tails. We dutifully cleaned their tanks and carefully fed them, but the fish fun was over.

A few weeks ago, the East suffered a freak, too-early-in-the-season snow storm. Leafy tree limbs couldn't hold the weight of the wet snow and broke off, knocking down power lines all over the area. The power outages left our home without electricity for four days. We were inconvenienced and cold, but that was about it. Then we noticed the fish. Apparently bettas like to be kept warm. One by one, we found the poor little fishies belly up. I'm sorry to admit that nobody was crying when the cold did them in. Nature took it's course. Who can argue with that? I'm not even going to try.

  Any one want a fish tank?  We have three available.