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Saturday, December 10, 2011


First came Nadene, my awesome mother-in-law. She never stopped working. She raked leaves, washed dishes, tended the baby (more about him later), vacuumed, and dusted. I couldn't stop her! And when all the work was done, she was the queen of the games: Quiddler, 5 Crowns, Banana Grams, Shanghai Rummy, and more. Fun times indeed! Here she is with her delicious "Cloud 9" rolls for our Thanksgiving feast. Oh, and did I say she cooked? Well, she did that too!   

Next came the Alison's family: Brandon, Alison, Emerson, and Brisquette, the dog. 

You better believe there was a lot of baby spoiling around here!

Then came Carl, Brandon's dad. He came to be here for Emerson's blessing. 

And now for some pictures, because we took a lot of them!
Four generations
Guess who likes being a grandma
Proud uncles
I'm having trouble adding more pictures. I'm taking it as a sign that it's time to stop. For more fun pictures, check out Alison's blog entries:  Family Thanksgiving,   New York City & Asbury Park, and  Baby Grows.