Formerly "Neil Stone Updates"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neil's Best Thing

We've put aside school for a little while. We'll come back to it later--maybe just one class at a time, or try an online course down the road.

The focus lately has been employment. Neil has had a work study experience at this darling boutique for the past several weeks, and is about to begin a paid work experience there for eight more weeks. Then it will be on to the real job hunt with a job coach.

I haven't seen Neil this happy since the accident three years ago. He loves his job. He feels needed and useful because he is. He has a great relationship with his boss and coworker. I love his job, too.

Next time you're in Somerville, come check out the store on main street. Even if Neil's not there, you'll love the place. Cute stuff, great prices, awesome people.