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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Renaissance Man

I going to brag on my boy a bit.
Tomorrow is graduation day, and there has been a lot of activity going on in Eric's life associated with the end of his high school career.

In March, he played with the Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall:

Here's prom:

With KT

At the Senior Awards night, he was given a scholarship for his Wood Technology skills:
Eric, along with the winners for music and art
An assortment of some recent projects
Pens made from ebony and holly, cherry and walnut
Of course, there was the band banquet:
With Mr. Myer and Trenton
He's recently acquired some new skills at his first official job:

With Grandma Nadene
And we're oh, so excited and proud of his scholarship to his first-choice school:

As you can see, he's been a fan for many years
  There are good-byes ahead, along with big changes and new adventures, but tomorrow is just going to be about remembering the good times and celebrating with friends.

Love you, Eric!