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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Nick, Eric, and Trenton

I know--it sounds terrible, doesn't it?  This is the way the school district's Festival of the Arts shows up on Eric's band's schedule of events for the year.  It makes us chuckle.

The event comprises a series of evenings where the students demonstrate their talents in art, vocal music, band, and orchestra.  This year Eric was involved in both the band and orchestra concerts.  What makes them so much fun, is the bands from each school from grade 6 on up (no more 5th grade music program due to budget cuts) are seated on the gym floor at the high school.  Well, actually they don't all fit.  There are some seating changes half way through to accommodate them all.  Then they take turns performing for one another.  I love to see the progression from the first year learning an instrument, to the stunning final numbers by the high school wind ensemble and the symphony orchestra.  It's a sweet reminder that our kids grow, change, and mature.  Well, hopefully mature ;-)

This is the wind ensemble sitting back to back with the symphonic band, watching the 8th grade band.  Eric is the trombone on the back row on the right.


Meredith said...

Love Eric and his music talents!!

Garden Girl said...

I like your daffodils! Mine have not bloomed yet! The 5th grade actually does get lessons, but for some reason they did not get to do the festival this year. I got to go to both the choir and ochestra wish my family would have gone to the band night. They were great. Have a great weekend.

Alison + Brandon said...

I totally laughed at the title of this post. Back to 5th grade for me!