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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cast Your Vote

I'm trying to choose which of Eric's many wonderful senior portraits to frame for my entryway. Here's my favorite:

Here's another:

Scott likes this one:

I think Eric likes this one:

But this one probably best represents Eric's current state right now:

The band just got back from a weekend trip to a national championship where they placed 18th out of 87 terrific bands from around the country, only to report back to the school three hours later to compete in the state championships where they won first place! I think he deserves a nap.

Thanks for the great pictures, Amy!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello Again

So, thank you to all the friends and family who have inquired after our well-being. We were without power for a week and lost one tree in the back yard. That's it. No damage to our home. No power lines across the driveway. No storm surge up in our neck of the woods. Scott was able to get us a generator, and gas was easy enough to purchase down in South Jersey where he works. We were safe, and we are grateful.

Like you, our prayers have been pouring out in behalf of the many who are struggling. We have friends who are still waiting for lights, heat, and power, and some have lost homes. You have, no doubt, seen lots of pictures and footage of the devastation. Probably saw it before we did, cut off as we were from TV and Internet. But here are a couple of shots from our neighborhood:

School is finally in session for most of the district after a week and a half. Some roads are still impassable, as you can imagine with all the trees down. It will take a while for this part of the country to recover. We are expecting to be involved with some clean-up efforts that our church is organizing. Many have already been out there working on it. It will surely last a long time.

My biggest personal complaint is that I missed the chance to visit with Emerson the Adorable this weekend, due to cancelled flights. Here is a taste of what I didn't get to witness personally:

I'll survive, but only if I can have a few extra Skyping dates!