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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where Have the Stones Been?

Here are some picture clues.  You might think a Terracotta Warrior would mean we were in China...but, no.
Well, here's my dad in the library.  And all dressed up, too.  I guess that's not much of a clue.
Here's me and my two moms.  Aren't I lucky?  But again, not much of a clue--we could be anywhere.
You may not know where we are, but I'll tell you what we're doing:  this is a game of Team Trivia.  You'd think, since our team was captained by the three-time Jeopardy! champion herself that we'd kick...well, you know what.  But we didn't... except one time.
Okay, this ought to make it easy for those who've been here before.  The monkey in the middle (as opposed to the two on the outsides) is made of towels.
Shuffleboard, anyone?  Hey, what's that you see in the background?

Here's a biggie:  The big white patch in the back is a glacier.
You've surely got it by now, but I'm not quite through showing off my pictures, so here's just a few more.
Sunset in the Last Frontier.
Approaching Juneau.
Exploring the ship.
Schmoozing with the cruise director.
Dancing with my honey.
Enjoying my family!

And if you're not tired of seeing my family enjoy a vacation of a lifetime, stroll on over to Alison's blog to see some more pictures :-) (Plus, see a really cool video of a glacier calving and hear me cry out excitedly to Eric!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010