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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cast Your Vote

I'm trying to choose which of Eric's many wonderful senior portraits to frame for my entryway. Here's my favorite:

Here's another:

Scott likes this one:

I think Eric likes this one:

But this one probably best represents Eric's current state right now:

The band just got back from a weekend trip to a national championship where they placed 18th out of 87 terrific bands from around the country, only to report back to the school three hours later to compete in the state championships where they won first place! I think he deserves a nap.

Thanks for the great pictures, Amy!


Alison + Brandon said...

Hmmm...I like them all. But I think your favorite is probably my favorite as well. Cool stuff!

Meghan said...

All great pictures! For me it's a tie between your favorite and the one Eric likes. Amy is coming over next week to take pictures of Noah... These are getting me even more excited since she seems to do such great work!

Jenni in AZ said...

I think my favorite is the 2nd one. The background is gorgeous too!

Polly said...

I like the first one, Lori's pick.

my rebel took over said...

It's pretty sad that I'm just seeing this post. I can't believe I am that behind on reading my favorite blogs! I guess I gave them up for an extended Lent. ;) I'm so happy you posted the yawning shot! That is Eric! I vote for the first one. Which one did you end up with?