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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Neil Stone Updates

Went rock climbing with a support group in Pennsylvania.  A very tough workout for Neil's disabled hand, but the satisfaction of reaching the top was worth it!

I think it's been a while since we talked about Neil's current doings:

He's in his last year at the high school and CAN'T WAIT to be done in June.  He's taking Lit, Algebra, and Intro to Business,  not for credit (he's considered a post-graduate), but to help him learn how to learn in a classroom setting again.  Because of his disabilities, he needs certain accommodations and we're focusing on helping him know which to ask for and how to use them.  These skills will be essential for college when the time is right.

On Wednesdays, he has a two hour session with his home study instructor.  She is teaching him how to study from a college text book.  The book they chose is Macro Economics.  He loves the subject matter, but the study techniques are slow going.  It's the same old pesky problems:  short-term memory, poor visual processing, difficulty organizing thoughts, fatigue, and short attention span, to name a few.

Neil is also taking a work study class that has connected him up with two volunteer opportunities.  He's been helping out at the YMCA since fall, and a couple of months ago he started working at an assisted living center.  The latter experience has been life changing for him.  He assists the recreation specialist in the Alzheimer's unit.  Neil has always enjoyed people of all ages, so this has been a great fit for him.  He loves the patients and they adore him.  The staff thinks he's wonderful, and praise him often making him feel pretty good about the whole situation.  His two afternoons a week there are the highlight of his week.  We're hoping to help him find a career path that will include some of the kinds of things he's experiencing there, because it has been so satisfying for him.

And after school is over?  What happens then?

Kessler's psychologist has suggested he come back for some more cognitive therapy.  Neil's not thrilled with that idea, as he assumed he was done forever (even though we told him he would probably be back.)  He could also use a little more occupational therapy for his hand.  Although we got some good results from the constraint therapy (sorry I never posted the "after" video footage),  it wasn't enough to be truly useful for him, so we got lazy when the exercises stopped and he lost a little ground there.  Before you criticize me for not pushing him, or Neil for giving up, let me tell you, it was hard work!  He was so ready for that 10 weeks to be over!

College in the fall?

Not sure.  Maybe one class as a trial.  


That would be nice.  We're working with DVR services to see what the best fit will be for now.

Wish I could tell you more.  Just know, there are many people we are working with to give Neil the best possible future.  I think we're headed in the right direction.  Your prayers are still needed and appreciated.  Thanks for checking in ♥


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Meredith said...

I think the volunteer experiences sound absolutely fantastic. I bet he is a joy for the staff as well as the patients. I cannot wait to see Neil in July. It will for sure be a highlight if our summer!!