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Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Neil turns 19 today! He had sesame chicken for breakfast already. He's looking forward to Chipotle with friends for lunch. We'll have pizza for dinner. What more could a kid ask for? Of course root beer will be involved. Neil is passionate about his food these days, and these are his favorites.

Yesterday was six months out from the accident. His gift to us on his birthday is his amazing progress and happy spirit. What more could parents ask for?

Call or text him a happy birthday message, or comment here and I'll be sure he sees it.

Thank you!


Glen said...

Hey, Happy Birthday Neil!

HMStammler said...

Happy Birthday Neil!! This ones extra special so I say each extra sesame chicken, lots of pizza and have fun with your friends! You deserve to have a super great fantastic day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Neil!!! Wow 19! You are an old man! We had so much fun with you at the reunion. We can't wait to see you again. We'll bring the steaks, you grill!!! We love you!
Tim, Susie, and those "Young" kids

auntie jen said...

Happy Birthday Neil :)
From the Rose's

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. May the LOrd continue to bless you always .

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Neil! It was great to spend time with you at the reunion. We were so impressed with your hiking skills.
We love you, The Tobians

Artie's Aunt Nancy said...


Trinyan Mariano said...

Happy Birthday Neil!!! Love, Trin, Tom, and Landon Mariano

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,
We are sending you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from Fresno, CA.
You don't know us, but we knew your mother and grandparents very well in Ojai, CA. We are keeping up on your progress, remembering you in our prayers, and frequently putting your name on the prayer roll in our Fresno Temple.
You're making amazing progress--keep it up!
Jack & Betty Brockbank

Polly said...

Happy Birthday Neil. So you are a Pioneer Day Baby. Hope you had a great time celebrating your birthday. I wish we were there to enjoy some of that yummy birthday food with you. Have a great year!
Love, The Roberg's

Anonymous said...

Hey Neil...happy belated birthday! :)