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Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye, Bye PT

"Bye, bye PT,
I'm full of glee!
Wouldn't you agree
If you were me?"


July 6-- Neil was still a little too weak to be doing any standing exercises unsupervised so he used to warm up sitting down on this machine

It's been eight months since the accident and Neil is finished with physical therapy. I can hardly believe it. He's scored as high as you can score on Kessler's PT evaluation, and though he still has a little work to do on his balance and strength, these will get better with time and some working-out that doesn't require the specific skills of a therapist.

August 4--Neil was jumping over the bar on the floor. He did a lot of jumping and always had therapists close by.

We will, however, continue our tri-weekly trips to Chester for occupational and speech therapies. OT works on his hand and wrist problems and helps with vision exercises. Speech works on his...well...speech, of course, but also cognitive skills and memory.

While we are cutting back on Neil's therapy at Kessler, we are adding to his school schedule. Along with his Lit. and computer classes, he has added a speech class two days a week, and will be adding some service time with the media teacher the other three days. Next week he will begin his adapted PE class. I'm glad he'll still have some supervision as he works to build his strength and physical skills. On Thursdays he also has some one-on-one with a home study teacher for extra help with reading and writing.

October 1--I loved some of the creative things his therapists had him do. One of his favorite activities was hopscotch!

And, Neil's taken up running! When we go out together, I make him stay with me until we cross the street at Short Hills Rd. then I let him take off! He's just too fast for my slow old-lady legs and seems to feel some real freedom and satisfaction from tearing down the street on his own. I'm so proud of him!


Molly said...

This is awesome, yay Neil! You have worked so hard, it is amazing to see how far you have come. Keep it up, and good luck with all the new classes!

Polly said...

All good news!!! He's come a long way. Running... I couldn't keep up with him, good luck! Have a great school year Neil.

Alison + Brandon said...

Great post--love the pictures.
It's amazing to think about the difference between the therapy he's doing now (and is finished with!) and the therapy I caught glimpses of when I visited at Kessler in February...

HMStammler said...

WOW!! You've come a long way baby!! Neil, I know we have never met but I have been so inspired by your journey and ask your Dad about you almost every time we speak! I would ask him everytime but he gets so focused on business that I can't get a word in edge wise! He is really proud of you!! I so look forward to continued updates on your progress. And, as for the running, I am thinking that maybe I should get out there myself, if you can do it heck, so can I! Keep up the good work!