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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What We Like About Kansas City

Cool architecture and fountains

Dogs on laps ...

On leashes ...

And in beds

BBQ at Oklahoma Joe's

Gluten free pizza at Spin 

Hand brewed root beer at McCoy's
And lest you think we only ate out, I submit the following evidence of real home cooking:

Preparing roasted tomatoes

Everyone helped

Brandon's turkey masterpiece

Butternut squash soup (Cute apron Alison!)

Enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, a new post. I love following your family's doings. It looks like you had a great time visiting the Robergs.

Love, Michelle (big sis)

Polly said...

Those are fun pictures. I like Neil's idea, having the pups go to sleep with you. Great pictures. I love Oklahoma Joe's. You guys sure whipped up a nice Thanksgiving feast too!!!! I would like to try the butternut squash soup, yum!

Meredith said...

Looks like a great thanksgiving indeed. That rootbeer looks divine.

Alison + Brandon said...

Just saw this post--we miss you guys! We'll have to do this again soon.

my rebel took over said...

All these pictures of food just made me hungry. Looks to me like the NJ Stones need a dog!