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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Other Family Member

Can you guess which one in this picture isn't happy

Everyone in the house does their part to deal with the stink bug issue

Admiring the view...I mean me...I'm admiring the view

The definition of envy:  Not only does she want to be outside, she wants a bite of Neil's sandwich

I think someone needs to exercise a little more


Alison + Brandon said...

Awesome pictures!
Although, because of the first pic, I thought you were referring to Eric as "the other family member." Ouch!
I like that "the stink bug issue" is an official thing. (It would be a good name for a band.) How bad do they actually smell?
your daughter

Lori said...

Dear Daughter--How can you like that the stink bug issue is a real thing? Just 'cause it's a real thing does not make it a good thing. They smell kinda like cilantro--only worse. By the way, I like your latest blog entry.

Jenni said...

How old is Jemimah these days? Wasn't she the miracle kitty that was lost one winter for a week or so?
She's still a beauty:)

Lori said...

Hi Jen! She's going on 13, and yes, she is our wonder cat. Good memory on you!

my rebel took over said...

This just made me smile!