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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fresh Start

Eric chose to celebrate his first day back to school by participating in a mud sliding contest after band practice.  Yes, he is a high school Junior.  But he did clean up after himself when he got home.  Yes, the shoes are shot--he had to cut the laces to get them off.  But they were too small for him anyway, so no harm done.  I'm learning to chill about stuff like that.

Here's Neil on his way to his first day at the community college.  You can tell from his smile that he was pretty excited about it.  The problem was, because of days of constant heavy rain falling on our already water-soaked, hurricane-abused state every road we tried to take ended up in a "road closed" barricade.  Fortunately, we allowed 30 minutes to make the trip that usually takes only seven.  He ended up arriving to class only 10 minutes late.  He wasn't the only one tardy and his teacher was very understanding, so yeah, he's chill, too.  Just like me.  I think Neil's in good hands.

By the way, Neil was smiling like that on the way home, too.


Polly said...

Eric's day sounds like something Kendall would have LOVED!! Yay Neil, getting to class. I'm sure the teacher understood about the road closures. Have a good school year guys!!

Alison + Brandon said...

Way to go, Neil!

Anonymous said...

Yay Neil!!! I'm so glad he had a good day, even with the tardiness! Way to go Eric, sounds like a good time!

my rebel took over said...

Awesome. You can tell Eric I'm not sad to see those shoes go, even though he might be! ;)