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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Emerson Time

I was there. I saw him: The Cutest Baby in the World. And it's true. He really is!

Just see for yourself:
T.C.B.I.T.W. after a bath
T.C.B.I.T.W. at the doctor's office

T.C.B.I.T.W. asleep on his mother's lap

T.C.B.I.T.W.'s first taste of real food

I'm feeling like a pretty lucky grandma. I only got to spend a few days with him, but those were quality days for sure. That is one cuddly kid! Now that I'm home, all I can say is thank goodness for Skype!


Alison + Brandon said...

Love it! Such cute pictures. We miss you lots.

Polly said...

He is the best!!! Thanks for posting those cute photos. He's looking so grown up. You know when I was there, I forgot my camera in CA. So sad for this grandma. You captured some great pics!! Thanks again!!

Trinyan Mariano said...

Oh my gosh!! He really IS T.C.B.I.T.W. I saw the incontrovertible proof here.

Anonymous said...

You have stated your argument that Emerson is T.C.B.I.T.W concisely clearly using a front door approach and have supported it well with unambiguous examples using multiple mediums, so I must concur.
-Michelle (who has persuasive papers on the brain)

Lori said...

So glad you all agree. (Or, at least you're saying so to appease me.)