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Monday, July 9, 2012

Aaaaand...He's Off!

Leaving Grandma's House

Last Minute Advice from Mom
Meeting the Mission President
Final Goodbyes

If you wish to write to Elder Stone, here is his address:

Elder Neil Stone
c/o FCHH Mission
JSMB - East 3rd Floor
15 E. South Temple St.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-3460

I'll write more about the experience at a later date. Still a little overwhelmed by it all, but I'm so proud of my boy!  

The View from Neil's Apartment


Polly said...

Awesome Pictures. You all look terrific. What a happy occasion.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Been waiting to see some!! We will all write to him for sure - we are so proud of Neil!

Meredith said...

Yay! Tears in my eyes. I can't believe this day has actually come. We cannot wait to write to our own missionary!!

Alison + Brandon said...

I love that Emerson is just squished in between Neil and Grandma on that first picture. And we all color-coordinated with white shirts for the family shot!