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Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome to the Library

Neil sent this picture and entitled it "Secret Door." Because he works in the vaults of the Church History Library, he has an access card that allows him to be in the more secure areas. There's a feeling of authority and importance that goes along with having that card. He likes it. I like it for him.

Elder Stone has multiple jobs with different responsibilities. I'm not sure what they all are. They seem to change from time to time. I think he inputs new library acquisitions into the computer system. He also works in the basement. Part of that job involves breaking down the cardboard boxes that the books come in. He tells us that another part of that job requires him to be a daredevil on a ladder, reaching for boxes up high. I'm not sure exactly what that means and it makes me nervous, but it makes him happy, so it's okay... He started a new job this week, as well. I'm sure we'll hear more about it in his email tomorrow.

Looks like he was well fed for Thanksgiving. He had dinner on Thanksgiving Day with the other missionaries, and another party with a group that he works with. I'm sure he'll be taken care of for Christmas, as well. Speaking of Christmas, we'll finally get to talk to him on the phone!

Two more things I need to mention. We've been asked to please advise family and friends not to visit. I guess it's kind of a distraction for him and the other missionaries. We keep reminding Neil to follow the mission rules. That's good advice for us as well.

The other thing:  Once again, he could use your prayers. In the spirit of independence, Neil has decided to stop taking his medication. He has been on Ritalin since the accident to help him cope with the effects of the injury, and things are not going so well without them. Unfortunately, without the medicine he is a bit harder to reason with. He doesn't seem to grasp how much he needs them and he won't admit that so much of what he finds difficult, could be made easier.

We love him, we miss him, and we're so proud of him.

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Jenni in AZ said...

Thank you for the update on Neil. Our prayers, as always, are with him:)