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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ready, Set...

Getting used to a new do.

Eric is home from BYU. We are now in intense preparation mode to get him ready for Brazil. Yes, he is going to Brazil. Eric has been called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years. He will learn Portuguese and serve the people of Piracicaba.

Before I tell you how pleased, excited and terrified I am, let me just say, this paper work and red tape is crazy! We just sent his fingerprints and forms in to the FBI for a criminal background check. I have sent away for certified copies of important documents. We have had tons of forms notarized. We are now waiting for his passport to arrive so we can get that copied and notarized. Then all those notarized forms have to go to the State Department for authentication. All of this before we can even apply for the VISA.

Then of course there's the wisdom teeth extraction, vaccinations for yellow fever, typhoid, etc. and all the health checks. And we've got lots of shopping to do for the proper missionary gear and whatnot. All you missionary parents know what I'm talking about. We're just one of thousands of missionary families going through this frantic preparation phase.

Maybe it's helping me not dwell on the actual sending-off of my baby to parts unknown (to me, anyway). Pretty sure I'm going to fall apart then, so I need to keep sane now. Wish me luck.

Oh yes, and I'm pleased, excited, and terrified... like I said.

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