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Saturday, November 22, 2014


The long awaited visa

"The heavens are open!" Or so wrote Eric after a really big rain storm in a drought stricken area of Brazil. He has been in the country for four months now and is speaking Portuguese, eating rice and beans, and drinking guaraná like a native. Yes, I'm exaggerating here, but he really is embracing the culture and loving the people.

A baptism his first week in Piracicaba

We look forward to Mondays each week because that is the day he emails home. His letters are upbeat and full of cultural tidbits and wonder at his new environment.

He shares his frustrations, but with an attitude of humility and hope. And he includes some spiritual insights and faith building experiences.

Campinas Temple
I'm so glad he has made the choice to go, and to immerse himself in the work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the people.

Fun times with a companion

As much as I miss him, I am so proud of him!

And I can't wait until Christmas Day when we get to actually speak with him!

You can write to him at the address on the sidebar to the left.

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