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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Painfully Aware

On the phone with Scott:

Me: "Neil pointed out a dead raccoon on the side of the road as we drove home from school."

Scott: "That's awesome!"

And it was awesome. Because Neil notices things and he didn't used to. He looks around and makes comments on what he sees. He can find something in the refrigerator if you give him the general area to look in. Huge deal, this is. The problem is, there's a lot he can't see. He's still troubled with left-side neglect, so he wouldn't have seen the raccoon if it were on the left side of the road. He struggles to recognize faces of people he knows. His left eye drifts 30 degrees left of center.

Along with Neil's new awareness of his surroundings comes his awareness of what he's missing, and his vision issues are finally starting to annoy him. No one wants to feel handicapped. Hope we can lick this.


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HMStammler said...

I can only imagine how tought that must be. I will continue to pray for Neil's continued growth and as well as I will pray that he learns to recognize all the things that he can do!! Happy Thanksgiving!! There is a lot for which we should be all thankful!! Have a great family day!!