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Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Panic!

Jenga "therapy"

There are several theories out there about the prognosis for a brain injury. Some of the scariest ones say you pretty much get all you're going to get by one year--maybe 18 months. Fortunately, many, many individuals who have suffered TBIs have proven this to be false. Some say you can see progress for eight to ten years, maybe more. But there is much evidence that shows that relearning does begin to slow down at some point. Neil's physiatrist told us that by the end of year one, you're pretty much in the ballpark of where you are going to be. What does that mean? I don't really know, but it gives us a sense of urgency. I see Neil continuing to improve for years to come; I see his ballpark as very, very big. But I want him to be farther than he is now when that one year mark rolls around. We're almost at 10 1/2 months. I think it's time for some cramming.

Some who've helped along the way:

Erin--Speech Therapist Extraordinaire!

Samantha--Occupational Therapist student with a very bright future!


Molly said...

Neil is determined, he wil lcontinue to improve. I totally can see your sense of urgency though. Keep workin hard Neil!!!

HMStammler said...

Keep up the good work Neil! Your strength and courage will continue to help you in your positive progress on your journey!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a student at Neil's school and although I don't know him personally, I'm familiar with his story and read this blog quite often. I saw him in school the other day, and he held the door open for my friend and I to enter the building. It was so sweet and touching! Thanks Neil :)