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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few of Our Favorite People

On Saturday, Neil and Scott went to Robert Wood Johnson hospital to meet with some very special people. They saved us and kept us going last January--Neil's life, literally, and Scott's and my emotional lives. Here are some of them:

Glen on the left, Regina in the center, and Neil surrounded by nurses and staff from the SICU West.

Glen was waiting, just like Scott and I--sitting by Regina's side during those dark coma days. When the nurses kicked us out--er, invited us to leave--during shift change twice a day, we'd trek down to Cool Runnin's on the corner for a little curried chicken to bring back and eat in the atrium together, or just sit in the hospital cafeteria and dream out loud of a future reunion when Neil and Regina would both be awake and well and able to meet each other.

We had that reunion this past summer, and have been getting together ever since. But Saturday's trip was back to Cool Runnin's for Jamaican food and a trip to see the nurses we love so much. Even though they are strangers to Neil and Regina, the former patients were no strangers to them. I'm glad they could see the result-in-progress of their dedication and hard work.

We love you SICU staff! We love you Glen and Regina!

See here for Neil's first reunion with the hospital staff last April.


Molly said...

What a great picture and a great reunion for everyone. Regina and Neil are both very inspiring. We are glad that Glen had you and that you guys had him during that time.

Polly said...

What a great reunion for both families. I'll bet the staff was excited to see all of you. It's nice that you went back in to see them and thank them. I'm sure they appreciated it. Probably not too many former patients think to do that after they leave. It's a good time of the year to let them see their miracles. What a blessing!!

HMStammler said...

What a great way to let health care works know the incredible value in the work they do everyday! I went back and clicked on the pictures from April and WOW!, how far Neil has come! I know that you are with Neil everyday so it may be harder to see the dramatic progress but by looking back and then seeing the smile on his face in the latest picture; sure does put a big smile on my face!! The boy I have never met continues to inspire me everyday!! Keep up the good work Neil!!!

MichelleTobian said...

Thank you so much for keeping up with this blog. I love how it makes me feel connected with all of you and makes me feel a part of Neils recovery adventure. We continue to pray for him daily and I love to check the blog for updates.

Alison + Brandon said...

Awesome! And that restaurant looks pretty tasty...