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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It was Neil's first time back at church today and I was busting my buttons. He looked great in his shirt and tie, so the helmet only made him feel a little bit awkward. Everyone was so kind and were genuinely happy to see him back. Neil seemed pleased to be doing normal, familiar things again and I was glad to see he was alert and focused enough that this turned out to be a positive experience.Scott's sister Shelly is here for a week to help out. We always love it when she comes, but circumstances around her visit this time are much happier than they were when she rushed here in January two days after the accident.
One more trip to Robert Wood Johnson for lab work was necessary today, so we ran over for a quick test. After Neil braved the needle again, we shyly peeked into the ICU to see if we could catch the eye of any of our familiar nurses. We hadn't been there since February 18th, so we weren't sure that any one would recognize us, but they rushed up to see us when we came in! I think Neil was surprised at all the attention, but when we explained to him how much these people meant to us and what they did for him, he simply said, "thank you."
We want to add our "thank you" too, to all the nurses (even those we didn't get to see today) for giving so much to Neil's recovery and our comfort. And "thank you" to our church friends who welcomed Neil back with so much love.


Hancock family said...

I'm sure this was an emotional day for you and many people at church today. Thanks for all the pix. And good luck with the BIG surgery on Tuesday. As usual, we'll be praying....
-Jen and fam

Anonymous said...

When is Neil's surgery. I want to especially pray for him at that time.
Thank you!

Great picture! It's wonderful that you all went to church!

The Sandmans said...

We will be thinking about all of you tomorrow. It will be a long day but keep in mind that many prayers are going your way.

Artie's Aunt Nancy said...

I bet it was awesome for the ICU team to see Neil!!! He has come so far and I bet few could see it as clearly as they could!!!
We are praying for Neil. Praying that the surgical team is free of any distraction, that they are well rested and that they keep a steady hand and careful watch over Neil. We are praying that God blesses and comforts all of you as you wait...believing and trusting in our Father for an easy recovery and continued healing.
We pray with great hope and expectation....
You have our love, support and faith.

Polly said...

Ditto .. I agree with all of the comments above. Congrats to Neil for making it to church. YEAH!!!!!
And Eric and his big smile, what a great support he's been!!!!
Aunt Shelly, we all think you are terrific!!! Every family needs an Aunt Shelly. Thank you from all of us,for being their for Scott's family in this time of need. Love to all, and we will be praying for all of you on Tuesday.

A.B. said...

I'm following your blog and journey from Arizona. This post brought tears to my eyes and can only imagine the joy felt by everyone when Neil offered his thanks to the nurses. WOW!

Prayers coming your way from AZ as you prepare for the surgery!