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Friday, April 10, 2009

Where's Jemima?

Fred, our speech guy, is getting Neil ready for the trip home. He's been having him practicing a few new phrases with his "deep" voice. First he has Neil get a big breath, then he helps push his diaphragm while Neil says, in a low voice, "help me, Mom!" It doesn't sound like Neil's voice, but it is much louder than his whisper. It's kind of scary because he really sounds like he's in trouble! I'm hoping he won't need to use that one. Other getting-ready-for-home phrases are: "What's for dinner?" and "Where's Jemima."

Jemima is the family cat who prefers Neil to any one else. As fond as Neil is of Sherman, he wouldn't even consider trading Jemima in for a dog. I do believe she misses him as much as he misses her.

A few weeks ago, Neil's sweet and talented friend Janna brought this beautiful painting of his beloved cat. I must say, it's a perfect likeness. Janna was home from school and spent her spring break painting it for him. When Neil first saw it, he reached out to stroke Jemima. Thank you, Janna, for the wonderful addition to Neil's room decor. We like having it at Kessler, but it's going to look great in Neil's room at home--right beside Jemima herself.


Ali said...

Hi Lori!

I hope I did not sound down in my previous comment. :)

I just get overwhelmed ( in a good way!!) by how far Neil has advanced and all he is able to do now. Though I know it is a result of much hard work it is still quite miraculous. I forgot to mention how fantastic it is that he is texting!!

What a very talented artist Janna is...the painting is just incredible . It DOES look like you could actually pet she is right there! What a wonderful gift.

Way to go Neil on talking..and getting those phrases out! Thinking of you all always.

Molly said...

That painting is awesome! What a talented girl. I am sure Jemima will be as excited to see him when he gets home as he will be to see her!

Debbie C said...

Just home from time away with my family and checked in on you all....he looks wonderful, the painting of Jemima is wonderful and best of all, you have a date to come home! I'm sure this is the best Easter gift you could receive! Have a blessed one! So happy for you all, and I continue to think of you all the time.