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Monday, April 6, 2009

Easy Rider

Neil on Glen's Harley last Sunday.

Every day as we walk down the hall to therapy, the nurses, aides, and therapists all comment on how good Neil looks and how well he is doing. We are thrilled with his progress and hope to be bringing him home within a couple of weeks.

This is some of what Neil is still working on, and will be for some time:
Vision—His right eye is still affected by third nerve palsy, and both eyes are struggling to work together.
Left hand—The left arm is able to move more, and we're waiting for his fingers to wiggle. He daily wears different splints to keep the tendons in his hand and arm from tightening up.
Attention span/focus—It’s getting better, but it’s still short.
Short-term memory—It can change from one minute to the next, but we work on it every day.
Left side inattention/neglect—His brain struggles to recognize things on the left side. It affects his vision, his left arm and leg. He doesn’t always see things that are on the left, so he sometimes just guesses what words are by looking at the last few letters.
Speech—His whispers are quite articulate now. He can intone very low rumbles with occasional words.
Emotion—A friend told a legitimately funny joke last night and Neil broke out into a grin. It was awesome—the grin, not the joke. :-) Hope we can get some more of that.

Here’s a little of what Neil’s got going for him:
He’s getting great care.
He’s young and healthy.
He can walk.
He can communicate and has a good grasp on language.
His long-term memory is intact.
He’s polite so everyone here likes him.
He has supportive family and friends.
He wants to get better.
He has faith in the power of prayer.

I think the scale weighs pretty heavily in his favor. Don’t you?


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Meredith said...

Neil's awesome shoes totally match Glen's Harley! Yes, Neil has TONS going for him - we are thrilled and love him immensely!

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

I woudl definitely say that the scale tips in his favor. He is amazing! He looks like he's having a blast sitting on the Harley. Keep up the the awesome work Neil! You are incredible! We love you

Molly said...

He is definitely working hard and it shows. He has a lot going for him and I was going to mention the same thing about the shoes as Meredith! I love the picture, it's fun to be able to see pictures of him, yay! Tell Neil we love him and he is constantly in our prayers!

Hancocks said...

Thanks for the picture, Lori. It's so good to see Neil up and around.
Love to everybody.
-the Hancock family

Stuart and Robyn Smith said...

Dear Scott, Lori and Neil,
Thanks so much for this wonderful blog. Your faith and Neil's determination are inspiring! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily. We are so happy for Neil's progress!

Anonymous said...

although neil's accident is tragic, reading this blog each day inspires me so much. today it even brought tears to my eyes to hear that neil is smiling. that's the neil we all know and love! best of luck to neil and family <3, a sophomore at BRHS