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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Signs

Until very recently, Neil couldn't get through a meal without needing to stand up every few minutes. I think he got restless, lost focus, or just wanted to stretch his legs. Whatever the reason, mealtime could stretch out to over an hour and his food was always cold. It just doesn't happen any more. Yes, he does still take small bites and sips of his drink, so he eats slowly, but he has no trouble sitting through his entire dinner.

Tonight Neil was invited to have "dinner with an administrator" at Kessler, and Scott accompanied him. It was a chance for a few of the patients to share their feelings about the Kessler experience with administrators who wanted some feedback. Scott tells me it was very nice, but long, yet Neil sat through the whole thing and did very well. It's funny, but you don't usually think of mealtime as a milestone indicator for progress. If it is, we've come a long way.

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Anonymous said...

I should learn from Neil, and eat my meals slowly. I tend to eat so fast. Yes, Neil has the right idea, slow down and enjoy the food and stop eating when full and not when the plate is empty.

Thanks Neil and keep up the good work!