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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I can't get over how hard Neil works. Here he is playing a game to strengthen his weaker left leg. We put his basketball on the top of his tent bed and he had to use his left leg to kick it off in different directions. The smile is posed. He was actually concentrating on the task and practicing over and over again. I got tired of shagging the balls for him, but he wanted to keep trying. Even though I told him he could use his right leg occasionally for a break, he continued using his left.

When Scott or I work with him on cognitive skills like math problems or comprehension, he says, "More questions." He wants to get better and he's doing his best. His determination is paying off. His doctor told us Neil's progress has been "phenomenal."

But today, the psychologist here at Kessler sat down with me and I got a dose of reality as she talked about some of the hurdles Neil has in front of him as he continues his recovery at home. There's a lot of work ahead for all of us. So we'll take our cue from Neil and forge ahead with determination and hard work.

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Meredith said...

It would be so easy to be discouraged and I have to wonder if I would be working as hard and be as determined as Neil is through his recovery. I am so proud of him and tell everyone I can about how hard he is working. I had a friend get the link to his blog on my Facebook and she had not been around me for a while and had not heard me mention Neil since January - the day after his after his accident and we were all unsure whether he would even make it at all. She was so thrilled to see how far he has come and I was so proud to tell her about him. We all love and adore you Neil, Fatty!