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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've Got No Strings to Hold Me Down

Actually, that should read "He's got no wheels to hold him up." Neil went all day today without using his wheelchair even once. And he walked. All over the building. Even up the stairs. Boy was he tired tonight! He's still a little tipsy so he always has one of us by his side, but it's mostly for just-in-case. He's really getting strong.

Here's another sign of progress. Kessler was graced with a concert by the Essex County Youth Chamber Orchestra (I may have made that name up, but it was something close to it). Neil was able to sit through, and enjoy, most of the program--maybe forty-five minutes worth. They were very good, and I was so proud of Neil. That is an amazing amount of time for him to focus on anything. He even leaned back in his chair, put his arm across the back of Scott's chair, and crossed one leg over the other--quite a natural look, except for the snowboarding helmet!

Neil would like me to relay the message that he is grateful to those who are reading his blog and are praying for him. He is surprised and humbled to be the subject of so much concern. From Neil's own mouth, "thank you."


Shelly Elston said...

Still checking in and praying for Neil and your whole family. So happy to read about his progress!

Anonymous said...

I've been bolding asking God to "Heal Neil" and HE is!! Sometimes that's the entire prayer, but I pray for Neil everyday sometimes many times a day!

Molly said...

Amazing... It must be incredible to see things like him crossing his leg and putting his arm around Scott, that is really cool!