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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Better

Neil woke up this morning with his right eye swollen shut. No worries--just a little residual fluid from the surgery. I'm guessing he'll have an awesome shiner soon. Knowing I was going to mention his eye in the blog tonight, Neil asked me to also note that the swelling went down a little during the day so that he could open his eye half-way by this evening.

He was a bit sleepy today--still recuperating I think. He'll be ready to get back in the therapy saddle soon. We have to get official approval from the doctor before he can go to his out-patient rehab again.

Here are the pills Neil takes each day. Quite a reduction from what he had been taking before we left Kessler. The huge pills on the top row are nutraceuticals left over from the study Neil was involved in while he was there. We're not really sure about their efficacy, but they certainly can't hurt, so we'll use them until they're gone. You should see him take those horse pills. He's quite a trooper.

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Meredith said...

I had to call Lindsay over to check this out - Lindsay will not take medicine. Even chewables that taste like sweet tarts. She wasn't as phased by these as I thought she would be..."at least he can swallow them."

All I have to say is go Neil! That's a lot of pills...