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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting In the Last Word

Scott reporting tonight: While Neil was eating his lunch today, I was going through the Sunday comics--helping him to try and read some, and reading others to him. We have been doing that the past few weeks. While I was turning pages, I heard Neil starting to talk and first thought I was delusional. I looked and asked Neil, "What was that?" He replied, "I don't know." I exclaimed, "It's your voice, you are talking!" Neil replied, "I am?" And so went the conversation for the next 10 minutes--both of us in states of simultaneous disbelief and euphoria. It just happened, out of the blue, and what a thrill it was. Neil started calling relatives so they could hear, also. It was a real voice--not a whisper and not the gravely, deep voice Neil could sometimes muster to help him communicate. This was a relatively effortless voice--easy to understand and melodic to our ears. At one point, he asked me "what if I forget how to speak like I am now, what do I do?" I didn't have a good answer for that but assured him that wouldn't happen (insert prayers here). As of tonight, capability is intact. The voice doesn't resemble pre-accident-Neil's very much but it was detectable in some words more than others. Needless to say, we are so excited. This will give Neil and his speech therapist a lot to build on from here and will give us all a break from straining to hear his whispering.

Heading home tomorrow! Lots to get ready and it's getting late. We'll give the trip report in tomorrow's entry.


Hancock family said...

Wow, this is exciting news! Even if it doesn't happen again for while, it must mean that his brain remembers how to do it. Once again, yay Neil!
Oh, and good luck with the move tomorrow.

Ali said...

WOW!! That is so exciting! I am so glad you were there with him when he spoke. He is just making such miraculous and remarkable ( as well as hard- earned) progress!

I wish you much luck on your journey home today..I hope you get there before the rain hits!

I think when Neil gets home he will thrive and progress with even more speed than he already is. It will be so comforting for him to be there as well as for you all to have him there. It has been a long journey..but this day is really here!

Safe travels to you today and LOTS of LOVE!

Anonymous said...

That Neil started to speak on this last day at Kessler was a gift to all. How wonderful! We are so excited to read this entry!!!!!!

Molly said...

Yay, go Neil! We loved hearing his voice on Shelly's voicemail. I hope today's transition home has gone well. We can't wait for the report!