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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Daily Grind

We have said our goodbyes to this schedule. Oh, we'll still have a daily schedule. There's plenty of therapy ahead of us--much of which we'll be doing ourselves. But this one is over. Sunday is all ours for packing up and saying farewell.

Dont' be fooled by the "Rest/Free Time." Neil was always very tired after this therapies, but unable to actually nap because of some of his meds. So while he got off his feet for a little while, we would usually work on memory skills, cognitive games, or writing. Often we'd take a walk when he felt rested, or just talk. It's been awesome to see his ability to understand and carry on a conversation improve over a relatively short time.

Our best talking times have been in the evenings, before bed. Maybe it's because the responsibilities of the day are over, or some of his medications have worn off--I'm not sure---but he becomes so thoughtful and open. We delight in his insightful, yet simple, comments and questions. It's the real Neil coming out and gives us so much hope for what his future holds.


Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

I'm sorry that I have been slacking on my comments, but rest assured, we've been reading the updates and we are so proud of Neil and how far he's come! It's so exciting that you get to return home soon and I'm sure that Neil will be happy to be in his own place surrounded by some familiar things. Neil is such and inspiration and it is wonderful following his progress.

Anonymous said...

It will be great for Neil to be home. Yeah! I hope you'll keep up the progress reports. Will you go directly home or venture on a field trip of your own? (Maybe lunch or dinner out - depending when you leave). Neil has made terrific strides. You will make wonderful therapists, after all you already are!

The Sawyers said...

The Sawyer's just got caught up with what is going on, it's hard because our computer is didn't quite make the trip and is being fixed. Anyway we are very pleased with all the progress and wish we could see him sooner then July. Our family and personal prayers always include him and your family. We Love you!!!
We have been counting down his return home even though we won't be there and it kills Meriam not to see him because she is sure that he will want to attend seminary and she won't be there.
God Bless all of you!! see u soon.