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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

It was so nice to be home today and have Neil here with me. For his physical therapy we did a little Wii Fit. For speech and language therapy we played some word games. Neil helped me with dinner by stirring the sauce and mashing some potatoes. He helped Scott in the yard by picking up sticks. How's that for some useful occupational therapy? We're looking for those things you can do with one working hand. I think he liked feeling helpful and part of the family. By the time he went to bed tonight, he was exhausted but content, I think. (As were we all!)

Tomorrow morning we visit the neurosurgeon to see about getting his skull pieced back together. He's looking forward to not wearing his helmet, so we hope that surgery is soon.

In the afternoon he begins his real outpatient therapy with a three hour session at the Kessler facility in Chester. It's just a little bit closer than West Orange, and a less stressful drive as long as it's not rush hour. He will be going three days a week.

Big day tomorrow. I'd better get to bed myself!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

Sleep well - all of you !

Shelly Lyda Elston said...

I am just so happy for all of you that Neil is finally home and that so much progress has been made. So many answers to prayers said on his behalf and marvelling at God's mercy (not surprised, though). I'll continue to hold all of you in my prayers and will look forward to hearing about Neil's recovery. Many Blessings!

debbie C said...

The Kessler facility is wonderful and I bet you will enjoy the shorter more pleasant drive! I'm sure it will be nice to get into a routine. There's no place like home!

Amy Edgar Schaugaard said...

So glad that Neil is home and seems to be adjusting well!!