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Thursday, April 9, 2009

46 pick

Neil is enjoying being able to reach out to friends through texting. His eyesight makes it hard to read what comes in, so he has me read them for him (better not write anything too personal). He's been trying to send on his own. Sometimes he asks for my help and I try to get him into "word" mode so that most of what he writes makes sense. Other times he pushes the send button before I can check it. If you got a message saying "46 pick", he was trying to say "I'm sick" (try it in word mode sometime).

Is Neil really sick? I don't think so. I think he's trying to make sense of why he's in the hospital and what exactly is going on. We have explained about his accident many times, and he understands when we tell him, but his memory issues make it hard for him to remember. He does get occasional headaches and he gets pretty tired by the afternoon, but he usually admits that he feels good.
This is Neil chillin' after a hard day of therapy. You can see the side of his head where part of his skull has been removed. It will be replaced after we leave Kessler. His phone is in his hand and he's busy texting his cryptic message: 46 pick. That's okay. He's getting better and he'll be home soon.


Ali said...

Hi Lori! ♥

I have so much I want to say to you when I read your daily words. And Scott's as well. I am so very touched by them that I often end up writing nothing at all as it is just so emotional for me. There is so much I want to say. I feel the struggles and the aching to have your boy back as well as feel the joys and the tremendous accomplishments. I see the progress and each day I see pieces of Neil coming back. I love how you relate things that are so Neil!! He has shown his playfulness...his kindness..his cooperative nature...and his strength of character. You must be so proud of him.

I know it has been work, determination LOVE and faith that has gotten you all to this point where Neil will be coming home! HOORAY!! I know there will be challenges there as well..but it may also be a strong impetus to help him advance in his therapies. He is working so hard. Thank you for sharing so much with us... I love the pictures and your words. I may not always comment but I am always reading and thinking of you.
Lot of love!

Meredith said...

We love seeing a picture of our Fatty!!! We (the girls and I) sent him a text message with some love and memories of our reunion last summer. I bet his phone is hoppin'! Thamks for all the pictures recently - we love seeing him since we can't visit.

Love, Meredith

Polly said...

Big thumbs up to Neil and the entire Stone family, from all of us readers in CA. We love reading the daily blogs, and they are so promising and uplifting. We only wish we were closer to help with some of the daily tasks. Love to all.
The Roberg's