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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pleasant Driving

More pleasant than freeway driving
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We liked the drive to Neil's new outpatient rehab on Pleasant Hill Road in Chester today. (Wait a minute...the West Orange facility was on Pleasant Valley Way. ...I'm sensing a trend here.) The weather was lovely and so was the scenery along the way. It was a familiar route to us, as Neil used to visit a friend who lived just next door to this Kessler facility before she moved. His therapists were professional and kind. Today's visit was for evaluation, so there wasn't any real exercise involved which is fortunate because Neil was very sleepy. Brain injured patients are always battling fatigue, but today I think we was a little under the weather. Anyway, we've got the weekend to get some extra sleep, then one more day of therapy on Monday before the big surgery on Tuesday.


Rebekah said...

Hi, My name is Rebekah Wagstaff - I'm in the Ledgewood ward, and I live 5 minutes or so from Kessler. I don't know what sort of help I could ever be, but if you're ever in some sort of bind when you're up this way, give me a call at 973-927-9291.

My three oldest are boys aged 12, 14, and almost 17 - maybe your younger son could hang out here if he wanted to come along for the ride this summer, if Neil's still going there for therapy.

I LOVE reading your blog - you are an amazing writer, and you have even more amazing material. material

The Jorgensen's were our great friends, and we miss them so much! Sophie was best friends with my Madeline, and Sam and my Jackson were thick as thieves. Harry and Jenna were also friends.

Anonymous said...

That you stopped to take a picture of the beautiful scenery is amazing. I hope Neil enjoyed it as much as we.
This weekend will be a good one to be home as it's supposed to get into the 90's and it's still April. Shorts time! Relax and keep cool. Maybe take another pleasant drive just for the fun of it!