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Saturday, April 11, 2009


It used to be kind of sad for us when the recreation therapy department at Kessler passed around their weekly calendar of events. Despite their claims to the contrary, none of the activities were appropriate for Neil. I remember taking him to a comedy show one day, and leaving after about 5 minutes. He didn't look in the direction of the actors and had no idea they were even performing.

Things are very different now. Just recently Neil and I got to play some tennis on the big screen TV on Wii Wednesday. A couple of days ago we had some fun with some borrowed games and a DVD from the recreation office. I've already mentioned the concert the other day, yoga class, and the air hockey table we use constantly. Today, Scott and Neil dyed Easter eggs. We have now become very good friends with Mary and Katie, the rec therapists who sponsor all these activities. They also coordinate many of the therapy dog visits and the cooking workshops. (Last week Neil made a delicious turkey and Swiss sandwich.) He's sure come a long way.

When Neil comes home, he will be getting outpatient therapy three days a week, but I'm going to end up being his recreation therapist. I'm looking forward to the job. I think I'll pick up some more Wii games and bone up on my yoga. We've already got a therapy cat. This is going to be fun!


Joe G. said...

The Gonder family wishes the Stone Family a happy, blessed, and Joyous Easter.

Meredith said...

How wonderful!! The thought I keep having is that you will get to do all those fun things with Neil that busy lives never allow for or they would rather do without mom and dad! Have fun - can't wait to see how much fun you guys have together!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Neil!
Aunt Michelle, Stephen, Jessi, Gary, Grandma Young, Grandpa Young, Alison, and Brandon.

Molly said...

How fun, you guys have done some great activities there. I agree with Mer. these are htings that an 18 year old may not normally want to do with mom and dad, soak up that time together and have fun!