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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Battling the Nikibis

Retouched picture from the calendar photo shoot

It just sounds better in Japanese--almost is if they were cute. Really, no one wants to read the word zit on a nice blog like this, so we'll just stick with the Japanese translation.

Neil had actually fought the war with acne a couple of years before the accident and had come out a victor, but now the nikibis are back with a vengeance. Could be just from the physiological stress of the trauma to his body, could be due to medication used to treat him. But anyway, they're back and they think they are here to stay. They're not!

Alas, no retouching in real life, but he's still handsome!

We've been working on this for several months now. Plan "A" didn't work, so now we're on to Plan "B" with "C" and "D" in the wings, in case they're needed. You may think this is minor, and in looking at the BIG picture, I guess you'd be right. But, for a young man whose social world was always so very important to him, and who now has virtually none, this is certainly something that needs attention.


Anonymous said...

my friend was in an accident and suffered brain damange. He also had issues with zits. I think it had to do with the stress on the body. I have enjoyed reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

When I see Neil's pictures I'm too absorbed by his gorgeous smile and penetrating eyes to notice the pesky little nikibis. It's his spirit that shines through. Until you get a handle on this, just think of it as texture.
-Aunt Michelle

Molly said...

Oh man, poor Neil. I do like that word for zits though. I hope plan B works, poor guy - as if he should have to deal with this!

HMStammler said...

All I see is Neil's spirit through that great big smile!! :) Something tells me that mom will find a "cure" whether it's plan B, C or X!