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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Growth







Meredith said...

Kinda needed this chuckle tonight!!

Alison + Brandon said...

Mwa ha ha! Can we post a link to this on Eric's Facebook page for public humiliation purposes?

Meghan, Carson and the Kiddos said...

I had to share a funny story with you. We had the missionaries over for dinner last night and I noticed that one of them, (brand new in the field-I've never met him before) bore a striking resemblance to Neil. I told him that he reminded me of my cousin and Carson agreed. I then asked him where he was from and he said New Jersey. How weird. Anyway, he's from Summit and through the process of elimination, we figured that he doesn't know you guys, but I thought it was all slightly ironic.

Trinyan Mariano said...

Thanks for the "laugh out loud" moment. Go Eric!