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Monday, April 12, 2010

Love On the Line

When Neil came home from the hospital, we bought him a new phone--one with a screen big enough for his poor eyesight, one with bigger keys that he could see to push and could easily be used with one hand. Within a couple of months of using the new phone we realized (with the help of his speech therapist) that he needed a better one--one that he could use as a memory tool, one that was even easier to text with one hand. So after the second phone purchase, I ended up with his "old" new phone. Oh, poor me :-)

On Saturday, as we were sorting through the tangles of random cords and computer parts in our electronic junk drawer, I came across my old phone. I began to package it up with its charger to be given away or recycled, when I realized I'd better delete my private information. As I checked the old text messages, I knew I could never part with this phone. It holds a story. It holds tangible evidence of powerful love. It represents the significant support that sustained me through the darkest days of my life because most of our communication in those early days of silence in the ICU was through texting. Here's a sample of what I found:

"...i just wanted to throw my support into the ring. my heart absolutely aches for you guys. Stay strong. Please tell Neil we want him to fight hard. love you-"

"I love you so much."

"Mom called us about neil...We are praying for him and you. We love you all so much."

"I love you and i love our family." (from Scott)

"Lori, i love you and wish i could take some of your grief away. Please give my love to scott and eric too. We are all praying so hard for neil"

"We're with u in prayer and spirit"

It goes on and on...

There are several from Scott that say, "are you awake?" that came in the middle of the night as one of us tried to sleep at the hospital, and one tried to sleep at home. One said, "I like our nurse tonight."

So many are simple notes to tell me there was food delivered to the house. Others are from close friends who were waiting in the lobby in case I needed a hug.

See what I mean? This phone is a keeper.


HMStammler said...

The power of a few words!! I say it's a keeper...

However, you may be able to take it to the phone store and see if they can print out the text's. That way you can have the words and still donate the phone! There are organizations that collect phones for battered women etc.

Lori said...

Thanks, Heather. Great idea!

Alison + Brandon said...

I really like this post.

Anonymous said...

This post brought back memories of those dark days and helpless feelings. I remember wanting to somehow reach through the phone to hug you close and share your grief. Today, technology brings me hope as I read your blogs and see Neil's posts on facebook. By the way, do I recognize the background in the photo?
Love, Michelle (big sis)

Jenni said...

I had the same phone at the same time, so looking at it brings back memories of that correspondence. So good you realized you had a treasure.