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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Waiting

That's really all we can do right now. Neil has suffered some serious brain injuries due to head trauma from the accident. In order to make the swelling and pressure in his brain go down, the doctors have sedated him to help him be very still. A machine breathes for him so his brain doesn't have to work as hard. The lights in his little ICU room are low and everyone whispers. As much as we want to put our arms around him and hold him, we're told that would be too much stimulation so we talk very quietly and gently stroke his hand. Sometimes even that is too much. Then we keep our eyes on the ICP (intercranial pressure) moniter and just send our love to him through our thoughts and prayers--just like you're doing!

I wish we could give you some idea as to how long we have to wait for the pressure to go down and stablize, but we just don't know. Even after that happens, there will undoubtedly be lots more waiting to see just what the damage to his brain is.

Thank goodness we have such good friends, family, and loved ones to wait and hope with us!


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Molly said...

We love you! Thanks for the updates... We will continue to pray for him.