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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Unexpected Surgery

It came to a point this morning where something had to be done. Neil's ICP's were remaining too high. His bloodwork showed that he couldn't be given the meds that usually brought the pressure down, so a CT scan was ordered. The results of that indicated it was time for action. Dr. Danish took him in for surgery about 1:30 and performed a hemicraniectomy. That means they removed a portion of his skull to relieve the pressure. Surgery was successful, his pressures went down, and Neil was taken off all his meds--the sedation, the paralytic, and all that other stuff. Neil is now able to move a little and breathe a little on his own over the ventilator.

Now, don't get too excited. His movements may, or may not be in response to our voices. His eyes are still closed. We still have no idea the extent of the damage to his brain. But at least now he can begin to heal. For what it's worth, the nurse did say that she thought his movements seemed "purposeful" and that she was surprised by how quickly he seemed to be responding.

Don't think we don't believe that miracles can happen. We know they do. But we don't know what God has in store for Neil. We constantly petition Him with our prayers. He knows we want the miracle, but we have faith that it's in His hands.

Okay, now you can get a little excited with us. We're on to the next part of our adventure. We'll see what it brings. Thanks for praying for the miracle, too.



auntie jen said...

Bob and I are really happy to "get a little excited"! We are still praying for a miracle. We admire you both so much for your faith and courage through all of this. Thank you for keeping us updated. We love you guys!
Bob and Jenny

auntie jen said...

P.S. We love all of the photos - He's so cute:) - Bob and Jenny

Ali ( Artie's Mom) said...


That must have been scary for you all to have him go into surgery... but it seems to have been the answer! I am going to take it and run with it and be excited... and see only positive wonderful healing taking place.

They need to know Neil is quite a special and unique guy. He is going to have his very own special and unique way of healing..unlike any other and he may surprise them all. Oh.... not may..... I KNOW that he will!!! :) I have complete faith that will happen.

Thank you for letting us know and allowing us the honor of being on this journey with you.

SO SO SO much strength and prayers and love and positive energy being sent to you all!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Artie's Aunt Nancy said...

God is so faithful!
I know that His plan is so much greater than we could ever imagine and just keep trusting that He has Neil under His ever protective wing. I continue to pray with great expectation that this next part of Neil's journey will only reveal more of the miracle that God has in store for all of you. I pray that His grace and love comfort you.

Molly said...

Yay, I'd say the movements are great news. We too know that this is in the Lord's hands but we will continue to pray for Neil's strength, and yours to get you through this time. We hope to hear more news tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us updated. I think I check the blog 5 times a day for updates. This seems to be a very good one! Love you all!

becca said...

Hey my name is Becca. I heard about Neil threw a friend. And even though I don’t know him he sounds like a really amazing guy. And I look at your blog everyday to see if he is doing better. And when I saw your latest blog I was so happy. I hope he gets better. And I hope to meet him one day.
But just remember...
We live threw the darkest days to get to the brightest ones we ever will have. And I know that Neil will make it threw these days and he will be living in sun sine the rest of his long lived life.....

Hoping for him to get better soon

Sarah Anne said...

hi, my name is Sarah. I go to the Ledgewood ward and heard about what happened last week at church. I met Neil 2 years ago at youth conference. I never really talked to him, and the kids from my ward were convinced i had a big crush on him and teased me for it, which didn't help. He's a amazing kid, i've been praying for him. I hope he recovers soon.