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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Lesson in Patience

The doctors are pleased with the surgery. But apparently Neil isn't quite ready to give it a go without sedation. After he had a good neuro exam--movement in each of his limbs, pupils responsive to light, attempts to cough and open his mouth--his ICPs went up and he developed a fever last night. It took some time, but his fever's down now and he's being sedated again to give his brain a little more time to rest. We enjoyed the time we had to sing him songs, squeeze his hands, and have him squeeze back, but we'll get another chance when he's ready again. I hate to keep saying this, but we're not to the point yet of saying Neil is aware of anything other than simple stimulus. When he squeezes my hand, my mother's heart says he knows it's me, but no doctor would ever agree with that.

On Wednesday, we're expecting Neil to have his tracheostomy. We like it when they give us specific time lines and dates to look forward to. (Of course, they've changed their minds before.) When he was not sedated last night, I really got the feeling he didn't like the breathing tube. (Who would?) So this is a good next step. I'll let you know when that happens.

I wish we could respond to all the thoughtful, kind, and uplifting comments we receive here. Please know that we do read them and appreciate what you've shared with us and others. Also know that we are very aware of the many positive thoughts and wishes that go unspoken and unwritten. We feel them and know that you care.


P.S. Glen and Regina here at the ICU could use your prayers too. Regina came here a little before Neil, under similar circumstances. Glen is patiently and loyally waiting for her recovery.


Meredith said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Mother's intuition usually is not wrong, I have found in my short few years as a mother. But I am sure there is a process to all things and the waiting must be gut wrenching.

Thank you for sharing about Regina and Glen. Of course we will add them to our prayers. You have all become partners in a journey that neither of you would have chosen - I hope that you can provide strength to each other.

Love as always,

Meredith and family

Sarah Anne said...
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Sarah Anne said...

my dad wants to know if/when he can have visitors. or if you would like us to wait with you in the hospital. and if there's anything we can do for your family. our prayers are with him and you guys.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and fasted along with everyone in the stake with you. I love you all! and wish the very best for neil!!!!


Debbie Campbell said...

Trust your mother's intuition! I am so happy you can sing to him and squeeze his hand!! Last week Pastor addressed the preschool children with his weekly bible story and reminded them that God can do hard things...I was thinking of Neil the whole time!!

Jen said...

Lori, I'm so glad you had a moment with Neil, where he was able to respond to your gestures. Any instincts you have as a mother are probably accurate. I'm glad it brought you comfort. Your strength and fortitude amaze me. It is just what he needs. The bond between a mother and child is a miracle in itself, and I believe Neil knows you are with him, loving him, missing him, and praying for him to come back. Keeping your spirits high and having the positive attitude you have will only aid in the miracle we all hope and pray for for your sweet boy! May God continue to bless.

Jen Thexton

Jackie said...

I am a friend of Alison's and am praying for your family. I hope he continues to progress well and healthily.

-Jackie Atkisson

Polly said...

Trust your mothers intuition. I believe he hears you and hears your prayers. I wish we could have been there to add to a beautiful chorus of praise , hope and well wishes. I bet the nursing staff is delighted to see such a wonderful family,with hope and faith. We look forward to all of your updates. Much love, Carl, Cindy & Spencer

Heather said...

you have no idea who i am, but i'm praying, and all my friends are too

yours truly dear said...

I'm friends with Alison and I wanted to let you know that I am praying for Neil. ♥

Beth said...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this blog. It would be so hard otherwise to get information without being a pest to you. He is always on my mind an in my prayers and I even got people that don't know him to help me make some paper cranes.

HMStammler said...

The Stone Family,

I want to let you know that I am thinking and praying for Neil and your entire family during this incredibly difficult time. I pray that God will wrap his arms around you and show you His love in a way you may have never known before. I pray that you lean on Him and that He will hold you up with His righteous hand. May you feel His comfort. Thank you for this blog and keeping us up to date.
God Bless,
Heather Stammler (co-worker of Neil's Dad)

The Sandmans said...

Thank you for keeping the updates going. I think that most of the time a mother's intuition is very accurate. There is something to say for the connection of a mother's heart to her children. It is a specila sense that God has created in mother's to keep their children safe. Your faith is so uplifting for all of us that are praying for your family, especially Neil. As we know, the brain is an intersting organ and hard to figure out. We are so lucky in the US that we have the wonderful medical care that we do. Keep trusting in the Lord and your doctors, it will help you. We will also say some prayers for Regina and Glen.

Anonymous said...

i do not know neil very well, we've only spoken a few times, but each time i saw him he always made me smile. he is such a great guy and he has been in my prayers since the accident. he is the last person who deserves anything like this. to neil's family, stay strong and hang in there, everyone is praying for you.

i would love to get to know neil better and i regret not doing so when i had the chance. i hope to see neil's smiling face in school again soon, continuing to brighten peoples' days the way he always has. best wishes to neil and family.