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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

We had about an hour and a half this morning, and a couple of times this afternoon, when both of his eyes were fully open. Neil was really struggling to make them work together to look at us. He would get a face in view, then gravity would pull his pupils sideways. We’d clap or call his name, and he’d work once again to try to focus. Lots of movement in his right leg today. Still waiting for some response to commands.

Dr. Bagner is so pleased, he’s postponing the tracheostomy again. He still has this feeling that Neil won’t need it. No one else agrees, but I like him for believing in Neil. So, no surgeries today. (We’re waiting for three: trach, PEG, and IVC filter.)

Here’s a shout-out to Neil’s cousin Meghan and her new little bundle, William. Will was born this morning shortly after Meghan’s arrival at the hospital! If you didn’t already know it, Neil’s first name is William. So is his dad’s. So is his grandpa’s, Little Will’s great-grandpa. Good name, Meghan! Congratulations to you, Carson, Siobhan, and Audrey!


Molly said...

Yay, good news! Those moments of wide eyes must be amazing... I bet within no time he'll be focusing with both of them, that's a lot of work for someone who's been asleep so long! Great news on the Trach as well, we'll keep hoping they just skip that all together.

Meredith said...

Always good to hear from you and hear especially about wide open eyes and (hopefully) no trach surgery! And if I knew how to make boys, then WE would have had a William. She beat us to it...;)

Liz said...

What great news that Neil's eyes are open and that he is working to respond. And that his doctor is so pleased. I continue to say prayers for Neil. I know Heavenly Father and his angels are watching over him. Bless you and the rest of your family for peace and comfort during this time.

auntie jen said...

Great News! I'm so happy that he is progressing! I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves. He will need for you to be healthy!

Ali.. said...

Hi Lori

It is wonderful that Neil is becoming more alert and trying so hard to "be there" with you..and for longer periods of time. And moving his leg! Hooray! Also great about postponing the Trach procedure... It is good to have a Dr with positive thinking! I am sure Neil continues to surprise them all.

Each day is bringing small and wonderful improvements... yet as a Mom I know how it is to "feel" your child's pain and to just want to make everything okay for them. You are taking such good care of Neil and are doing all you can though I am sure inside a part of you wishes that you could do more. You just can' is up to Neil and his doctors and time right now.

You understand he needs this time to recover and will communicate as soon as he is ready.....but I can only imagine the longing and desire you must feel... to just hear his voice and his laughter again. It will happen though and when that day arrives...we will be jumping up and down with you!

He is here and he is taking small steps to come back to you. These are such good signs! We continue to send strength and love and prayers to you and Neil and your whole family.

Welcome to the world baby William!

Glen said...

Way to go Neil! Although I won't be able to see you as much for a little while. I am still rooting for you. And will be following your recovery thoughout. Glad that you might be coming to JFK. You'll be saying "there's that bald guy again that can't pronounce an R"

Don't forget, I told you when you get better you can look through my iPod and pick whatever you want and I'll make you some cd's.

Mom's birthdays coming up quick, work on that present dude.