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Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Things

WARNING: Because I'm feeling quite inadequate, and a little embarrassed, trying to describe medical things I know so little about (I know you medical types have been snickering politely), I've included throughout this post some links to more accurate explanations of what's going on here at the RWJUH ICU. Some of these linked articles might be a little too graphic for your tastes so click on the highlighted text at your own risk.

Another feverish night for Neil. They're running some cultures, and we hope to find out by tonight or tomorrow what might be causing his high temperature. Fortunately, his ICPs have come way down and seem to be staying there. They would like to trach and PEG him tomorrow if his fever isn't a problem. (See, I told you they change they're minds!) They're also going to put an umbrella-like filter in a vein through his leg to prevent clots from his legs reaching his lungs.

Remember how I told you about his hemicraniectomy the other day? Well, here's some interesting info about that: they are storing his piece of skull in a freezer somewhere to reattach later. For some patients, they actually put the piece in their abdomens temporarily to keep it alive!

Obviously, if you're going to have surgery on your head, the doctors are going to have to shave your hair, so Neil is now partially bald. Just half of his head, so he has a hemi-haircut. You know we wouldn't have done that to him if it wasn't necessary!

Thank you for your continued prayers, hopes, cards, and good wishes.



Anonymous said...

To Lori & Scott....

Sarah Anne said...

it was a bit rough seeing him today, i barely recognized him. i've told all my friends about him, they're all praying for him too. you're such a strong woman, and very sweet. it was very nice to meet you.


Rich said...

You are very kind and thoughtful people, and such an encouragement towards faith in God.

The pictures of Neil are great.

We are talking to God a lot about this, asking Him for the miracle.

Julie Sandman said...

Scott & Lori, I think your posts are very informative. Your medical knowledge is inspiring to all of us! I too had a craniectomy a few years ago. I asked what they had done with the piece of scull and my neurosurgeon said they stored it until they could put it back. I thought he was joking but never asked again, I guess because I was scared of the unknown. You just verified what happened. It WAS stored! The good news is that Neil's hair will grow back :) We now pray that the fever goes down and the healing will begin. We continue our prayers for all of you.

Meredith said...

Aunt Lori, I think you are being very generous and candid with the information you share. Thank you for directing us to appropriate places to research at our own comfort level. I remember learning way more about brain surgeries with my mom than I ever thought possible...I am now even more informed!

Love to all of you and Neil,


Alison + Brandon said...

Bummer about the hair. Seems a little too emo for Neil's taste...

Molly said...

Thanks for the constant updates. We appreciate you letting us know all that you are. I would love to see him with his half haircut! I can't imagine him without those sweeping bangs. Brynley asked me to draw a picture of Neil the other day and abotu the only thing that looked like Neil was the hair sweeping over his eyes! Oh and the stick figure body a looked a little like him too! I hope that the culture results don't show anything too serious. Love you all! Molly

Anonymous said...

This is Allison Caulfield, my son Tim is a friend of Neil's, and we have met a few times. I loved Neils smile, his engaging manner when he visited and his always present humor. I am praying for you all.

Artie's Aunt Nancy said...

There are so many who know Neil, those of us who knew of Neil and those who had never even heard of Neil before the accident, who now so appreciate that you take the time to allow us the privilege to share in what must be such heartache for you. And now, to also help us be more informed is really beyond what we could ever expect! Know that every letter, every word, every photo and every link, means so much to all of us. It helps to feel like as we read them, we are some how right there with you! I pray that you feel the comfort of our hugs, the protection of our prayers, the sound of our laughter as we share memories of "Neil antics and good times". I pray that when you feel the need to cry, you know that we are crying with you, when you feel hopeless, you know that we have enough hope for all of you, and when you get excited....well, there are thousands of us there with you then as well! But in all of it, above all, know that God is always right there.
Dear Heavenly Father… Divine Healer…Lord of ALL Creation…
We acknowledge that YOU ARE in control…
YOU hold everything and everyone in the palm of Your hand.
There is nothing that can occur outside Your will and Your knowing and without Your permission.
It is because of this that we can find peace and comfort in times that would normally rock our world.
We entrust the Stone family and precious Neil to YOU. Father, we lift up Regina as well. We ask that you be with Glen.
We know that You love them beyond measure. We know that You are with them during this journey.
We pray that Your comfort and peace and Your spirit would wash over each one of them.
Please give those that care for Neil and Regina focus and wisdom.
We acknowledge that all we can do is entrust them to You and pray on their behalf.
Please surround those that love them with others to care for their needs …
I pray that they would receive such an overwhelming response of love and assistance.
I pray that all their needs would be met through You and through their friends and family,
so that they can focus on resting and waiting for Neil and Regina to recover.
We thank YOU that You are so faithful.
We thank You for loving and caring for the smallest of our needs.
You are worthy of ALL honor, ALL glory and ALL PRAISE!!!
We surrender our brother and sister and lay them at YOUR feet…
We know You do not always answer in our expected time frame… so we wait with great expectation....and trust that it is all in Your timing!!!

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Who knows, maybe Neil, being the crazy kid that he is, would actually like the haircut! Thanks for keeping us all updated. I've actually heard about them storing skulls in the abdomens. That's what they did for Roy from Sigfried and Roy when he was injured. Crazy huh? Love to all and prayers continually! Meghan

Jennifer said...

My family just prayed that lovely prayer with you. I know God heard us. His peace be with you.