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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Neil passed his swallow test today. This means he gets to eat! Tomorrow morning he will get his first breakfast and we need to be there to learn how to feed him so he doesn't choke. I'm sure this new ability will go very well for Neil. He's been an awfully long time without Chipotle!

The test itself was fun to watch. Neil was given foods of various consistencies mixed with Barium so we could see on the x-ray screen how well he was able to get them down. The only thing he had a little trouble with was water, believe it or not. He could handle it fine by the spoonful, but drinking from a cup was a little too much for him. He'll learn that soon enough, I'm sure.

And this was exciting for us: when we were playing catch with him, Scott would ask him to throw the monkey to Mom or Dad and he got it right nearly every time. That means he recognized who Mom and Dad are. This is our first indication that he might know us!


Molly said...

Yay for the swallowing test and that he recognized you guys! That is so exciting, it gave me chills when I read that... It must feel amazing to know that he knows who you are. I am sure he will be very grateful to you all when you can bring him some Chipotle!

Polly said...

What a joyous time for you and Scott. I'm so glad he recognizes you.Earlier when you wrote on other blogs, I felt he knew your voices for sure. This is terrific news!

Meredith said...

Excellent! I am sure him letting you know he KNOWS you was incredibly motivating. And real food will be a great change for him. Chipotle does sound delish, doesn't it? And smoothies and milkshakes and all manner of yummies. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news!

The Schaugaard's said...

That's great news about the swallowing test. I'm impressed the only thing he had trouble with was the water. We're still praying for you!

Amy Edgar Schaugaard