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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Artistic Endeavors

It's Alison again; I'm heading back to Utah tomorrow, so this will be my second and final on-the-scene blog entry.  The previous one was more like a novel, so I'll try to make this shorter.

We had a nice Saturday with lots of visits from friends.  One of the visitors was Glen, a friend from the ICU days.  Although he spends as much time as he can with Regina at her rehab facility, Glen took the time to come see Neil this morning, which was awesome.  I was glad to finally meet him.  We enjoyed spending time with all our visitors--thank you all for coming by!  One note: Neil is generally more alert in the morning and early afternoon (although on weekdays he has therapy  during some of those times).  Because he has such busy days, he is a little bit tired (and sometimes grumpy) in the evenings.  So depending on when you come by, you may see different versions of Neil.  However, we are always happy to see friends!

One fun activity we tried today was drawing.  We set Neil up with some paper and a few different colored pens and pencils and let him go to town.  He spent quite a bit of time scribbling, and at one point when we asked him to draw a circle, he drew something pretty circle-y.  What makes it all the more impressive is that since his right arm is the one working the best right now, he had to draw with that rather than the left, which is his usual writing hand.  He seemed to be working really hard at it and had a long attention span.  No wonder he was tired by the time evening rolled around...  

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Meredith said...

I just went back and re-read the first "Leg Up" and it really puts time in perspective. The big news then was lifting his right leg to Uncle Scott's chest, withholding food in preparation for various procedures, and Glascow Coma Scale evaluation. Now he is learning to eat real food(s), standing, assisted of course (does he wear one of those cool heavy duty gate belts?) and moving his left leg. It will come back. It will. Along with that goof ball smile. Can't wait.