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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Leg Up

So it looks like Neil has some control over his constantly-moving right leg. Last night, Scott got him to lift that leg up when he asked him to. Neil lifted his foot to Scott's stomach and when Scott said to push, Neil pushed! When he asked him to lift his leg higher, Neil's toes inched their way up to Scott's chest. He seemed to love the contact that he could control, and they kept up that game for hours! So long in fact, that Neil was worn out for me this morning. He lifted his foot to my stomach and onto my arm eventually, but he seemed very tired.

I think his fatigue came from more than just a long workout the night before. For three days now, they have been withholding his food for different periods of time in preparation for expected surgeries that never happened. After a nearly three day fast, you'd be pretty tired too! Well, today Neil was finally equipped with a feeding tube in his stomach and a cool filter in his inferior vena cava. Tomorrow he'll get his food again, so we're looking forward to more purposeful movements and eye contact.

And speaking of movements with a purpose, etc., no neuro evaluation or Glasgow Coma Scale today. Hopefully they'll do it tomorrow after he's feeling strong again.

Thank you again and again for the many kind and thoughtful notes and gestures we have received. I don't know that this marathon roller-coaster ride would be possible without the love and support we have felt from so many people. You are wonderful!



Alison + Brandon said...

Yeesh, tell them to feed that boy! We hope everything goes well with his evaluations tomorrow--we love hearing about every bit of progress.

Anonymous said...

GOOOOO NEIL!! Tomorrow is my birthday, and this news is going to make it even better! I am so happy about all the good news yu've been giving us-thank yu for taking the time to write it :)

Tell Neil to keep up the good work!!!

Lisa (the stranger from school once again :D)

Artie's Aunt Nancy said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!! I can't even imagine both the excitement and comfort those leg lifts bring to you!!!!
HOORAY!!!!!! Stay Strong Neil!!!!

Meredith said...

All those leg lifts will make for some quite shapely legs - a little pilates for Neil! Love soaking up every bit of information and good news.



Anonymous said...

WOW, to think a week ago you were telling us all "another quiet day". It's as if Neil "decided" it was time to start giving us some action!

We're so glad that he keeps taking these steps forward!

Debbie C said...

Love every bit of this wonderful news!! Keep it coming Neil!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I go to Neil's school and I don't know him well at all but I know from many people what a great person he is. I have been looking at your blog every day since you started it and I am amazed at the strength that both you and Neil show. I've often found myself in tears when reading your blog and it made me SO happy to read this entry and hear that he was doing a little better and moving. I'm praying for Neil and for your family!