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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Whatever Happened to "Easy Like Sunday Morning"?

Busy, busy, busy. Fortunately for Neil, busy is what we want. First, because we need to keep him awake during the day; and second, because we want to stimulate that superbrain of his and get him all better.

So, even though it's Sunday, Neil had an appointment with the neuro-optometrist. Dr. Vicci gave Neil a thorough exam and prescribed a cool eye patch. Since Neil is currently wearing his glasses instead of his contacts, this little baby fits over his glasses lens. We will be patching each eye at different times for different reasons. As a result of today's patching, Neil was able to watch TV for the first time. How insane is that, that a couple of parents would be so excited to have their teenager watch a silly TV show!

Lots of company today. Thank you, to all who made the trek out for a visit. After a sluggish beginning, I think Neil was finally awake enough that he recognized his visitors. He sure seemed to. Of course we can't really tell without his facial expressions. (Although we did see a few twitches...) He gave out handshakes and hugs to all upon request. Some of his friends got him to twirl his cell phone like he always used to. When they put a Playstation control in his hand, he immediately pushed the "on" button. Maybe that was a dirty trick--got his hopes up that he'd get to play a game!


Meredith said...

I wondered when some phone twirling would start to happen! Oh, how I wish we were only a 45 minute drive to visit Neil. We would be there in a heartbeat and try to play some play station with him. But I am just his old lady cousin so he would probably eventually school me again! Aren't PS3's and Wii's used in therapy these days? Glad for the news about the vision - I am sure that is very frustrating for him to be seeing double but hopefully the patch will help to strengthen his eyes as they learn to work together again. Since he's giving out hugs, will you give him 5 from us?

Love, Mer

HMStammler said...

Unfortunately, due to the recent tragedy here in Buffalo, NY I haven't been able to keep up with Neill's progress this week. But, after catching up today I am thrilled to hear of all the progress that Neill has made; Hooray!! I know you'll take every little step!! Keep up the good work Neill and as always your Dad's friends at Rich's are praying for you and your family everyday!!

Best Regards,
Heather Stammler

yours truly dear said...

Sounds like he is doing great, I am so glad. It is exciting to hear about his progress. We're praying for you Neil!