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Monday, February 16, 2009


Let me just explain about Neil's chair adventure yesterday. It's kind of like a big LayZBoy. First they laid it flat like a bed. Then three or four nurses (including a strong male one!) slid him from his bed to the chair. After they strapped him in, they moved the chair into a reclining position. They propped him up as comfortably as possible, then they immediately got to work on giving him a breathing mask because his sats (oxygen saturation in his blood) dropped significantly.

I felt I needed to give a little more detail as I realized last night's post sounded like he was sitting in a regular chair by himself. We're a loooooong way from that! He couldn't even handle a wheelchair at this point.

Scott just called me at home from the hospital this morning. Looks like part of Neil's lung is collapsed. That would explain the low sats we saw yesterday--or maybe the low sats caused the collapsed lung? They will be giving him a bigger breathing mask and doing some kind of breathing treatment that involves patting him on the back. If these don't work, he'll probably be intubated again. Sure hope these are only minor set-backs. I'll post again this evening to give you an update.



Ali said...

Oh Lori...

It is really a roller coaster ride you are all on. I am so sorry for the setback and all I can do is send you love and a virtual HUG! It was a little sad to read...but we all know it can't always be smooth sailing. There are going to be ups and downs as there are with any situation.

I am sure it was quite a lot of work for Neil to be in that chair yesterday and maybe he just needs a bit of recovery from that and will not have to be intubated again. It was such a big step for him to be breathing on his own and then to be in a new position as well. He is so strong.

I am sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers that this can be resolved with the treatments they are doing. If he has to be intubated again though.. it will be giving him the extra help he needs so he does not have to work so hard and should not be for too long I would think.
He and YOU will be okay. ♥

Sending you lots of prayers for strength and lots of love and support.


Tina Glover and Family said...

Dear Lori, Scott and family:
We heard about the accident and blog from Shauna and I wanted to get a comment sent your way so you know our thoughts and prayers are with Neil and your family.
Lori on days that are particularly challenging think back to our girls night out as we traveled by car, train into the city and saw Jane Eyre. We were amazing and I still think back to that day with a sense of accomplishment. I know what you are going through is so much bigger than that but anything to make one smile and buoy us up may be a good thing. Our fasting upcoming will be for your family and Neil in particular. Neil is blessed to have parents such as you and Scott to get him through this trial. We love your family, I will continue to follow the Blog Much Love Tina, Steve and family