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Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Picture Day

This is Neil's view from his bed.
Pretty cool, huh? All the nurses and aides admire the cranes. It's so fun to tell them there are over a thousand and they were made by his friends, family, and people who care about him.

These are the shoes I keep talking about.
They were about a week old before the accident. Neil went all the way to a skater shop in Scotch Plains to get them. Much better than the torn up vans he wore forever. They will serve him well as he learns to stand and walk again. We removed the right foot rest from his chair because he likes to move himself around with that foot on the floor.
Another good day. Still working on staying awake during the day, sleeping at night, but it's getting better. It's so fun to see what Neil understands and what he will do when asked. Scott asked him to thumb wrestle with him and Neil put his hand up and did it! He has given us each a hug with his good arm when asked, and even patted my back on his own. When Scott prompted him to wave good-bye to me today, he did.
He's also doing a few things without being asked--just from picking up cues from what's going on. For instance, when the aide was putting his t-shirt on today, he reached his good arm up through the hole himself. (Unfortunately, it was the head hole, but a good attempt anyway!) Whenever Neil is being moved from the bed to his chair, or out of the room to his therapies, we put his super-duper helmet on to protect his head where the bone is gone. When I bring the helmet over, he reaches up with his hand to help guide it on.
I am constantly amazed at what is going on in his brain. I love the little signs that our Neil is beginning to emerge from behind his emotionless face. And I'm getting a little anxious for his infectious grin!


Molly said...

Love the cranes and the shoes are awesome! They probably have a lot more support than the Vans so that will be a good thing. It'll be a great day when he is smiling and laughing, he has a great laugh and a great smile, you're right about that. I love the way he is responding to you guys, that is fantastic. Way to go Neil!

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Aunt Lori, that all sounds amazing! What progress! I'm sure that you were so excited for the hugs and waves. Those shoes are great! I love the cranes, I'm sure that nurses are so impressed. IT just goes to show what an awesome young man that he is that he has so many people in this world who love and care for him!

Meredith said...

The cranes are stunning - what a view! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Each crane was made with a prayer and a thought of goodwill and love for Neil - I hope in my heart of hearts he knows this and feels it! Those shoes sure are awesome - I remember reading on Facebook how excited he was to have those new shoes. It is so wonderful to see a tiny glimpse of our "Fatty"!

Ali said...

Hi Lori..

Do not worry about being too positive for us. As his Mom, you are, of course, going to relish and cherish every little baby step Neil takes and it is natural for that to come through in your writings. And the power of positive thinking can never be under estimated.

It does not surprise me that Neil would find a way to get himself in motion! :) That is so wonderful!

I hope that his vision clears up and also that his sleep schedule gets on the right track. That will keep him awake more for time with you during the day as well. I am sure his therapies must be exhausting for him may need a nap every so often.

This is not the first posting to bring tears to my eyes....but it surely was a very moving one to read. To learn of him hugging you and responding as he is... so incredible and how very moving and wonderful for you all!

Thank you so much for taking and posting pictures of the cranes...I have no idea how you moved them all or hung them. They look fantastic! I hope Neil enjoys looking at them.

Continued prayers and love being sent to you ALL!